Starting January 23, Call of Duty: WWII is running the community event, The Resistance! The event will be up until February 27, so make sure you make the most of it!

The Resistance event brings lots of free content, available to all players, including one of the most fan-favorite modes in the game, the Prop Hunt mode, which will be playable during the event on February 6-12 and February 20-27. The Prop Hunt mode consists in opposing teams playing hide and seek where one player will hide, disguised as an object hidden in the environment, while other players will try to hunt that player down. The hunters have to choose their shots carefully, as firing a weapon will cost them their health.

The other game mode available during The Resistance event is Demolition:

Resistance fighters have the power to disrupt the course of battle with a strategically placed bomb behind enemy lines. In the return of this classic Call of Duty® game mode, it’s your job to do just that – spearhead an assault, plant a bomb, and defend it until the end. Demolition is another great bomb objective mode, like Search & Destroy, but with the dynamic combat of player respawns that result in nonstop action.

Starting January 23, players will also have access to the all-new Resistance Division:

Civilians rose and resisted the German war machine, and fought to take their freedom back. The new Resistance Division embodies the skills and experience of citizen soldiers from across Europe, and features the new Tactical Knife Skill, a new 9mm SAP Pistol, as well as new skills that can alter the tide of battle, such as the ability to scramble enemy maps.

Do not forget also about the new weapons and uniforms, available only during this event, and the rotating 2XP playlists across Multiplayer, War Mode, and Zombies. And as if all this new goodies weren't enough, players which log in weekly will get a free Resistance Supply Drop!

For more details about this exciting event, see the trailer below or see the full calendar with events and rewards from the Call of Duty official website.